In 2006, ford wanted to enter the luxury sedan market by launching the Lincoln MKZ. Even before we proceed it is important to note that ford had another name for the new car model which was known as Lincoln zephyr. The zephyr had for doors and it was much more comfortable compared to ford Fusion. Most of the Lincoln used cars like zephyr is a V8 engine that comes with an automatic transmission. The luxury sedan also came with two climate control zones as well as heated leather seats.

Lincoln MKZ used cars in 2007 decided to upgrade the engine from the original 3.0 liters to the fords engine which consumed 3.5 liters. The Lincoln MKZ comes in both front wheel drive and all wheels drive. As the years were passing by new features were added to the Lincoln MKZ some of the features that were added to this model of car in 2008 were perforated leather cooling and heated seats. In addition, lincoln dealerships biloxims came with an advanced track stability control rear park assist and a push button for starting the system. The Lincoln MKZ is an economy car because it saves fuel. The earlier type and model of this car used to consume a lot of fuel but as the days are going by the engine is being advanced such that it consumes lesser fuel.

It is important to note a few things before you go ahead and buy a used Lincoln MKZ. Ensure that you have checked the automatic control system because there are some cars that have an issue with it. Also, it is important to note that there have been problems that have been mentioned about the suspension feeling lose, ensure you check on it before purchasing a used Lincoln MKZ car model. In addition, check all the wheel drives because the MKZ all wheels drive model has been known to have problems with transfer cases. It good to ensure that the wheels are Okey because the are known to leak. The good things about the Lincoln MKZ you should be aware of is that it has won a four-star award from the national highway traffic safety administration. Also, lincoln dealerships baton rouge has improved it raking rate to good and it has won an award for top safety pick in the year 2006. When purchasing a used Lincoln MKZ  car make sure that you consider all these factors so that you can be able to make a wise decision.

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